BTM Elastobit
BTM Elastobit is a fiberglass or polyester felt reinforced waterproofing membrane made of bitumen modified by SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene), resistant to plant roots, coated with PE (polyethylene) film on the upper and lower surfaces, having a high elasticity, applied with an oxyacetylene burner or hot asphalt. We, BTM, may produce 10 types of Elastobit membrane with different technical properties.

It has the superior flexibility and cold performance of bitumen with SBS. It can be bonded with torch or hot asphalt.


Used to obtain water and moisture impermeability on:

  • terrace roofs of buildings,
  • sloping concrete roofs,
  • curtain walls, foundations.
  • May be used as bottom layer insulation membrane on light metallic and prefabricated roofs.
  • It is not only designed for cold climates but may also be used as lower and middle layer membrane in waterproofing to be made on any surfaces which contact any types of soil and require elasticity.
  • It is only used in a single layer for insulation purposes against moisture in such wet spaces as bathrroms and kitchens and in foundations where there is no pressurised ground and surface water. Other than this, it is not used in a single layer.


Surface on which application shall be carried out must be cleaned of any dust, dirt, rust and grease and any loose parts scraped.


If the surface to be insulated is concrete, then it must have been finished with sloping grout burnished using a wooden trowel and be clean and dry. Before the application of the membrane, the surface must have been spread with bituminous solution undercoat BITUSOL (TS 103) or bituminous emulsion undercoat BITUMER (TS 113) and allowed to dry up. Membranes start to be applied in a direction perpendicular to the slope at the lowest part of the roof (lowest elevation). The membrane is heated up with oxyacetylene burner flame and then adhered to the surface. The rows must must be laid with some shift sideways. Membranes must be overlapped 15cm on the short sides and 10cm on the long ones, and the seams must be well adhered. Between the layers, there must be a shift sideways for 50cm on the short side and 5m on the long one.


Elastobit is launched into the market in rolls 1m wide and 10m long.


The membrane rolls should be stored vertically under a roof, protected from direct sunlight. If the rolls have to be stored outdoors for a long period of time, they must be covered with a protective layer in order to protect them from the sunlight. The membrane rolls or pallets should not be stacked on each other.

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