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With its headquarters in İzmir, the foundations of BTM, leading insulation company of Turkey, were laid in İstanbul in 1975 by Türkiye Şişe Cam Group. It has been increasingly maintaining its operations through its new and technological investments in its production plants in the Kemalpaşa Organised Industrial Zone at İzmir since 1986. It has a total of five plants where waterproofing, thermal insulation and roof covering materials are produced. A company of the BTM Group, Polpan Kz is a plant operating in Kazakhstan and producing thermal insulation boards and waterproofing membranes.


Developing its own technology and products, taking into account the changing market and competition conditions in the world; BTM, which invests in engineering power, laboratory infrastructure in this field, and carries out joint projects with domestic and foreign research institutions and universities, takes the insulation sector one step further in the world of technology with the firsts it has created. BTM, which has complex production facilities equipped with advanced technology and R&D power consisting of expert staff, is the reliable business partner of the sector with its smart solutions and high quality products.

An Aesthetic Alternative for Roof Renovation: BTM Shingle Dragon

Roofs of 60 villas in Çatalca district of Istanbul are being renewed using BTM Shingle Dragon product.
The expert teams of Hayer Roof and Wood company carried out the renovation project in which BTM Shingle Dragon Sand Gray color was preferred. BTM Poliroof PR4500 mineral surface roofing membranes were also used as a complementary product in the project.

Regnum Göl Evleri Project's Preference for Waterproofing: BTM Plastobit

BTM Plastobit Waterproofing Membranes were preferred for the Regnum Göl Evleri Project in Antalya.
BTM Plastobit PP3000 product was applied on an area of ​​90.000 m2 in the project, the application of which was undertaken by BTM Dealer Sarılar Yapı. BTM Polpan XPS Extruded Polystyrene Thermal Insulation Boards were also used in the project.



BTM presents its knowledge and experience of half a century, both online and face-to-face, to the knowledge of engineers, architects and all construction professionals in the sector with its expert staff. To participate in our trainings, you can apply to us via our contact form and be informed about the training announcements we will organize.