Shingle Roof Vents
Humidity shortens the life of your roof. To prevent humid air from being trapped, a good ventilation is required for every roof. In the ventilation system, the air must enter from the gutters and exit from the roof surface or from the ridges.

In Shingle coated roofs ventilation is provided by two types of ventilation elements.

Roof Ventilation Profile

For general purpose ventilation. A Roof Ventilation Profile supplies a ventilation area of 660 cm2 . 

Installation Ventilation Shaft

Designed especially for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchen. Installation Ventilation Shafts have a ventilation opening of 95 cm2.

Calculating the Number of Ventilation Elements required
In general, in all roofs above thermal insulated ceilings a ventilation area equal to 1/300th of the ceiling area should be installed. However, this proportion rises to 1/150 in low pitched roofs.

For example: If the surface to be covered with shingle is 100m2, the the ventilation area should be 0.33m2 if we use the proportion of 1/300th. 

If general purpose ventilation is required then a roof ventilation profile needs to be used. With a roof ventilation profile a ventilation area of 0.066 m2 will be supplied. When we divide the required ventilation area of 0.33 m2 by 0.066 m2 we see that we need to use 0.33/0.066=5 ventilation elements.

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