BTMSEAL E2K NB is solvent-free, two-component, transparent, epoxy-based, which is made of resin and hardeners, lining material; especially used for Polyurethane/Polyuria based BTMSEAL products. The product has low viscosity, easy to apply, and it penetrates perfectly to the surfaces. It can be used indoor and outdoor areas, since it does not contain any solvent. After it is cured, it forms a waterproof, fraction-resistant and impermeable film. This film is impermeable and resistant to acid, base, diluted saline solutions, grease oils and petroleum products. Since A and B components are packed in measured amounts, they should be used by getting mixed together in the field of use. 


•Perfect coating

•Perfect resistance to weather conditions

•Ability to bridge micro-cracks


•Resistant to fungus and algae

•Helps final material to perfectly adhere on the surface


BTMSEAL E2K NB is used on wooden and metal surfaces, as well as on mineral-based surfaces such as plaster, natural stone, concrete and cement finishes. Also can be used as;

•Lining layer and moisture barrier in epoxy flooring applications,

•Adherence improving lining in epoxy applications,

•Lining layer and moisture barrier before polyurethane and polyuria insulating material applications,

•Concrete strengthener on loose grounds,

•Anticorrosive lining material in construction industry,

•Adherence bridge between old and new concrete,

•Water and moisture barrier on concrete surfaces.


The surface should be clean, dry and flat, as well as it should be free from dirt, dust, oil, wax, mold and other materials which could negatively affect the performance of BTMSEAL E2K NB.

•Any kind of loose, dust-generating, cracked, encrusted and pre-painted surfaces should be cleaned with the help of scrapping, grinding, brushing with wire brush and / or a machine (pressure water spray or sanding).

•For metal surfaces, loose rusts, temper, rusts held on the surface and white rusts on the metal surface should be removed with the help of the use of abovementioned methods. This application should be avoided if oxidation (rust) repeats itself. 

•Damaged or decomposed surfaces should be fixed by using epoxy mortar. 

•Old painted and uneven surfaces should be grinded. Polished surfaces should be grinded until they tarnish. 

•Plaster and concrete surfaces on which the material to be applied should be cured. 

•Tensile strength of concrete application surface should be minimum 1,5 N/mm², and compressive strength should be 25 N/mm². If grout bleeding occurs on concrete surfaces, the surface should be made fit for lining with the help of mechanical methods. 


BTMSEAL E2K NB is supplied as ready-to-use preparations according to its mixture ratio. Before starting to mix, make sure that product temperature is between +15°C and +25°C.  Component B should entirely be poured into component A, and make sure that there is no material left in component B.  The materials should be mixed using an appropriate mixing paddle and a mixer operating at 300 rpm for 2-3 minutes until a homogenous mixture is obtained, in such a way that no unmixed material is left in or around the package.

 The mixture is applied on the surface with the help of roll or trowel. 

Wastage should be 500 gr/m² at 8-15% relative humidity during the application. 

If the product is used as moisture barrier, it should be applied as three coats, and the total wastage should be 450-540 gr/m2.

Application Tools:

Brush, roll, steel trowel

After application, the tools should be cleaned via appropriate solvents. (Toluene, epoxy thinner, cellulosic thinner etc.) 


A Component: 15 kg barrel 

B Component: 6 kg barrel


The product should be kept in unopened original package, dry and cool places and away from frost. The appropriate storing temperature should be between +5°C - +30°C. Shelf life is 9 months as from production date under appropriate storage conditions. 


Avoid applying in inadequately and poorly ventilated areas.

Can be corrosive in case of contact with skin. 

Wear gloves in order to prevent direct contact. Use protective glasses.

In case of contact with skin, wash with soap and rinse with plenty of water. 

For more information, please contact our Technical Units. 

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