BTM Shingle Dragon

The new shingle product, which takes its name from the Dragon teeth shape, has a self adhesive nature. BTM Shingle Dragon, which creates a 3D impact on the area it covers with its shady effect and thus provides depth to the roof, is submitted for the market with two different color alternatives (coffee and copper-coffee) in addition to its present color range.


It is water impermeable.
Its application is extremely easy.
It provides extra easiness and endurance since it is self adhesive.
It presents a completely different look from the accustomed roof sights with its changing geometry.
It gives depth to roof surfaces with its 3D impact.
It does not cause load on roofs with its lightness.
It is extremely resistant against wind wit its complete adhesive characteristics.
It is durable.
It is resistant against UV rays.


Dragon Shingle provides application facility with its self adhesive soffit. It protects your roof for long years with its strong adhesive characteristics on the applied surface.

During application of Dragon model, the removable plastic folio which protects the self adhesive part should be torn off from the plate. Thus the self adhesive part shall completely stick on the lower plate.


An appropriate ventilation system should be provided in order to prevent premature failure of the roofing including blistering, buckling of the roofing shingles due to deck movement. If implemented correctly, proper ventilation methods can help ensure the maximum service life of roof assembly materials. It is recommended a minimum of at least 1 square metre of attic ventilation (both intake and exhaust) for every 300 square metres of attic space. This amount should be divided equally between intake and exhaust ventilation to insure proper air flow through the attic. Two types of exhaust vents are available; one with cap, other without cap. One exhaust vent for every 10 square metre of attic space to be installed near the ridge, for a proper ventilation. Also, proper intake space along eaves should be provided with bird and insect netting. BTM A.S. can not be held responsible for any damages on shingled roofs caused by inappropriate or no attic ventilation.  


BTM Self Adhesive Shingle Dragon is submitted to the market in packages. The palte quantity in a package is 21, and 3 sqm roof area is covered with 21 plates.

There are 36 packages of shingle on 1 pallet of BTM Shingle Dragon and 108 sqm roof area is covered with 1 pallet.


Packages should be stored in covered areas. It should not be exposed to sunlight, with a maximum of three packages on top of each other.

Important note:

Please ask to see a product sample before making the final decision on your color and model selection. Screen view and catalog print images may differ from the actual product for technical reasons.
For this reason, BTM cannot be held responsible for differences such as color, shade and texture.

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