BTM Swell Tape

Expanding Waterstop For Concrete Joints

A sodium bentonite and butyl rubber based waterstop immediately swells upon contact with water. BTM Swell Tape fills the pores and cracks in the concrete and leaves a watertight joint.

  • Easy application
  • Swells and expands upon contact with water
  • Welding not required
  • Can be applied in various details
  • Several types and sizes are available
  • Does not require specialised workmanship. Roll length is suitable for handling by one worker.
  • Safe to use since does not dissolve in water. It is important especially in potable water tanks.

  • Foundation cold joints
  • Water storage tanks, pools, sewage systems
  • Tunnels, underground, menholes, underground carparks
  • Underground piping and cable ducts
  • All engineering structures


Surface to be applied shall be free from dust, oil and other materials.


BTM Swell Tape is applied by removing the release tape underneath. Apply some perssure to ensure it sticks to concrete. When laps are needed, either place roll ends side by side or butted. Ensure special care is taken for proper adhesion when applying on rough and porous surfaces.


Keep BTM Swell Tape from rain and water until placement of concrete
Laps must not be on top of each other
BTM Swell Tape must be located a minimum of 5 cm from the outer side of the concrete structure
When applying vertically, press 15 seconds to ensure good adhesion to the surface


Protect BTM Swell Tape from water (rain) until concrete is set. It should be stored indoors out of sunlight.

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