BTM Optıgreen Type T /N Anti-Slip System

It prevents the sliding of the soil layer in garden roof areas up to 45 degrees inclination. They are made of light but extremely tough HDPE. A special lightened soil mixture is placed directly into it.

  • Prevents the slipping of the green roof structure and stabilises the substrate layer.
  • It does not damage the insulation as it is produced in the interlocking system.
  • Acts as both a drainer and a soil retainer.
  • Its application is practical
  • It is long lasting
  • Does not rot and does not decompose


It is preferred on green roofs* with a slope of 20-100%.

* Pitched Roofs:  It is applied on roofs from a slope of 15 degrees to a slope of 45 degrees. Special non-slip covers and soil-holding cellular partitions are used on the anti-root waterproofing. They are applications made with sedum-style planting with a maximum soil thickness of 10-15 cm. In order to ensure minimum maintenance of the pitched roof, sedum planting should be preferred over the grass cover type.


The surface is cleaned and the soil holder S sills are placed on the moisture retaining felt (SSV 800 ) in the interlocking system.


At the lower point of the slope, first 2 long T elements are placed perpendicular to the reinforced concrete or wooden support point. The cells are divided by passing horizontal sills between them.


The appropriate amount system element is packed according to the quantity.

(Horizontal) Anti-sleep sills: 1070mm  (Vertical) Anti-sleep beams: 3250mm


It should be stored indoors out of sunlight.

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