BTMSEAL Alpha Hybrid Transparent

BTMSEAL ALPHA HYBRID TRANSPARENT is which can be applied - 5 ° C and at temperatures above, can be applied to wet surfaces, not require primer, 2mm. crack featured bridging, solventless, cyanate-free, fast curing, easy to apply, has 100% solid (solventless), hybrid polymer based transparent waterproofing material. Excised after application, U.V. durable, rugged and crack-bridging feature creates a structure. Elastomeric property by reason of the performance remains the same even at low temperatures.


• No need to prime

• Fast and full cure 

• The new generation curing agent

• Easy application because of low viscosity

• Breathable

• High chemical resistant

• -5 º C to 35 º C applied.

• Applied to damp surfaces

• Have not fully cured (minimum 4 days) applied on fresh concrete


BaseHybrid Polymer

Application thicknessmin. 1 mm.

Density(ISO 1183-B)1,1 gr/cm³

Viscosity (25 ºC)900 – 1000 cP.s

Elasticity (BS2782 Part 3)100%

Hardness(ShoreA) (DIN 53505-A-87)83

Heat Exchange Flexibility-40ºC - +80ºC

Water Vapour Permeability(for 1,5mm.thicness) Sd:1 m.

Crack Bridging2 mm.

Film forming time (25ºC, 50%R.H.)45 min.

Cure (25ºC, 50%R.H.)24 hours

Completion of Cure (25 ºC, 50%R.H.)7 days

Water absorption (cured material (28days) under water)< 1%


• Terraces and balconies for heavy pedestrian traffic.

• In the basement of the inner and outer surfaces. 

• Repair of surface cracks up to 5 mm.

• The interior and exterior surfaces of the domes and facades.

• In the roof gutters,

• Waterproofing for under ceramic tile application 

• Chemical resistant to weak acids and alkalines


Application surface, dust, loose parts, such as anti-stick material be free of oil is required. Successful application, the correct surface preparation and can be achieved by using the right materials. Application surface may be damp or wet ground. But should not puddles.

    • The surfaces of dust and waste with the help of an electric vacuum cleaner should be cleaned thoroughly. Wash the surface with clean water if necessary.

    • Applications will be cracks on the surface to be repaired with suitable materials.

Application Surfaces:

• Concrete

• Cured or uncured fresh concrete 

• Glass or glassy surfaces

• Bright and matte ceramic surfaces

• Steel and stainless steel

• Aluminium

• Galvanized iron sheets

• Copper

• Zinc

• Wood

• The slate or stone coated bituminous membranes.

• Old bituminous or asphalt based coatings or membranes

• Ceramic or matural stones such as marble/granite/travertine applied surfaces.


    • The application will be covered with ceramic surface, which fully adheres to the surface of the ceramic material of the strength of the joints should be inspected and replaced if necessary or missing parts must be completed. 

    • Do not add any material to the BTM SEAL ALPHA HYBRID TRANSPARENT and thinning before.

    • Firstly, expansion joints, dilatation and water expenses must be checked and combinations thereof shall be provided with BTM SEAL ALPHA HYBRID TRANSPARENT. 

    • Wall floor joints such as the formation of cold joints should be splaying with suitable materials.

    • BTM SEAL ALPHA HYBRID TRANSPARENT must be applied two coats.

    • 12-24 hours after the first coat is applied, from the other direction to the first application layer, the second layer should be applied.


 1,2 Kg/m².mm -1,5 Kg/m².mm (according to the surface condition for 1 mm. thickness)

Application Tolls

Brush, roller or airless sprey 


15 Kg and  4,5 Kg Buckets, 

Storage Condition and Shelf Life:

Store in dry conditions in original packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Unopened packaging at leaset 12 month.

Colour: Transparent


Store in dry conditions in original packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Unopened packaging at leaset 12 month.


• Adhesion test is recommended prior to application for ceramics, natural stones and glossy surfaces.

• Application surface imperfections and shiny / non-absorbent portions with appropriate tools (floor mills) should be roughened.

• Opened packages should be completely finished.

• After curing, BTMSEAL ALPHA HYBRID TRANSPARENT is completely healthy.

Application, using protective gloves, should be done in well-ventilated places.

Materials in contact with the skin or eyes immediately with plenty of water and / or should be washed with soap.

For more information please apply to our technical department.

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