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Green roofs are coming

With the zoning regulation reorganized with a sustainable environmental approach, in new buildings to be constructed larger than 60 thousand square meters, to improve the urban ecology, to break the effect of climatic air conditioning, to reduce flash floods by holding rain water, to prevent the destruction of green areas of constructions, to create a natural environment that can breathe, and to heat and noise on roofs. The application of green roof systems has become mandatory in order to ensure insulation. According to the regulation, in buildings with a total construction area of ​​more than 30 thousand square meters; If a terrace roof is desired, the application of green roof systems will be mandatory.

BTM Optigreen for a greener, greener world

Greening the roofs, that is, the creation of garden roofs, provides many direct and indirect advantages for us people. Preserving and increasing the values ​​of our buildings, together with a more beautiful environment, dwellings worth living. In this way, we can return to nature a small part of what we have taken from it.

Regardless of the type of greening and the way it is used, every square meter of garden roof holds a piece of the future for us.

As BTM Optigreen system and brand; represents the concepts of quality, performance and service. By using natural and environmentally friendly materials, we also contribute to the protection of natural resources. We support roof greening as close to the natural environment as possible, with a view to using local soil properties.


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