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The environmental crisis, which has become more evident with global warming and climate change, increases its impact day by day and brings many discourses and concepts to the agenda. There are new approaches in which economic growth, alternative life style and social order can exist. Today, the most important of these approaches is the European Green Consensus (EGC), which the European Union countries define as a fair growth strategy with a resource efficient and competitive economy, zeroing net greenhouse gases by 2050. This agreement is an extension of the Paris agreement in the current conjuncture, and it is in the nature of sanctions that affect not only the environmental strategy but also the international trade system. Achieving the AYM's target of "reducing greenhouse gas reductions by 55% compared to 1990 by 2030" and "zero carbon by 2050" necessitates significant changes and transformations for industries working based on natural resources.

With the current war conditions, the upward movement in commodity prices, especially oil prices, and the deterioration of the economic balance; It puts short-term plans ahead of long-term plans, and considering the decarbonization targets determined by the countries, alternative energy saving methods come to the fore together with the search for alternative energy sources.

Considering the figures published by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, 33.4% of the energy consumption in our country, which has a significant share in greenhouse gas emissions, comes from the industry sector and 30.5% is from the energy consumption of buildings. It is of great importance to prioritize the measures to be taken in the field of use.

For this purpose, we, as BTM, focused on sustainability-oriented actions, environmentally friendly investments, digital transformation and green products in our production facilities in the upcoming period. We identified the opportunities related to energy efficiency for 2022 and realized our implementation plans. With our design projects, we aim to save at least 10% from natural gas and to meet ~50% of our energy from renewable energy sources throughout the year. On the other hand, we aim to highlight low-carbon, environmentally friendly, sustainable products in the water and heat insulation market and increase our competitiveness in exports, with the TÜBİTAK and UNIDO supported projects we carry ou

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