Elastosol ELS 100
ELS 100 is a rubberised bituminous solution based, cold application insulation material.
  • It is highly flexible and covering due to the elastomeric additives in its structure.
  • It strongly adheres to the surface (concrete, plaster, metal, etc.) that it is applied on.
  • It starts drying very shortly after application and forms a thick film layer on the surface.

  • It is used for preventing moisture on the floors and walls of foundations and basements.
  • When applied on side surfaces of buildings, it repels water and humidity, thus preventing any swelling, deformation of paint and formation of mould on the internal surfaces.
  • It forms a waterproof layer when used with fiber glass, netting and bituminous cardboard.
  • It prevents decaying on vehicles when applied on metal surfaces in contact with water.
  • It prevents corrosion when used on metal surfaces beneath or above the ground.


The application surface should be dry and free of dust, dirt, rust and oil. Loose parts scraped. Pointed tips and sharp corners should be rounded.


The surfaces of application should be cleared from substances such as dirt, oil or construction waste and they should be dry. It should be applied cold. The container is ready for use when opened. It may be applied using a brush, roller or spray equipment. Taking care that the surface of application is dry and clean. The number of layer is determined depending on the state of surface and the desired purpose. It should be applied at least in two layers. Solvent-based primer may be used to improve adherence. Although it depends on the absorbency of the surface, use of minimum 1.0 kg/m2 on concrete surfaces and minimum 0.7 kg/m2 on metal surfaces is recommended for two coats. Organic solvents are used for cleaning. If application is to be made indoors, care should be taken to ensure sufficient ventilation.


Averagely 1000 g/m2, depending on the porosity of the surface of application.


Elastosol ELS 100 is presented in 17 (net) kg tin packages. Product information is given on the label pursuant to TS 103.


Elastosol ELS 100 should be stored at covered places (between 0 - 30 oC) and in a vertical position. If it has to be stored outdoors for a long time, it should be covered to protect from sunlight.

Its shelf life is 12 months when stored in its original package unopened, in a dry and cool place.

  • Avoid direct contact with fire.
  • Smoking, make a fire and use of spark generating tools should be avoided during application as it contains solvent.
  • In case of in indoor applications, the space should be well ventilated and necessary health precautions should be taken.
  • The cover of the pail should not be left open.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and the skin.

The data contained in this technical document is based on scientific knowledge. BTM A.Ş is only responsible for the product quality.

BTM A.Ş. may not be held responsible for other than recommendations on how and where to use the product and/or any improper use and consequences thereof.

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