Seminar on New Generation Planted Roofs Held in Gaziantep

In cooperation between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and insulating sector’s leading company BTM, “New Generation Planted Roofs” Seminar was held at “Ecological Building” of Gaziantep Municipality on 5 May Thursday as 2 different sessions.

The seminar started with the speech delivered by Metropolitan Municipality LEED Specialist Seda Mütfüoğlu; she introduced “Ecological Building” having alive green roof area in its terrace and mentioned its aims of activity.  Afterwards, Jozef Bonfil, Technical Adviser of BTM firm –solution partner for green roofs- mentioned contributions of planted roofs to city structure, project designing, and application principles. Ultimately, Deniz Aslan, member of İTU Faculty of Architecture and founder of DS Mimarlık Peyzaj Danışmanlığı firm (Architecture Landscaping Consulting), shared his experiences in prominent projects in our country by exemplifying garden roof applications in Turkey.

During the seminar, references of garden roof projects for which BTM firm offers solution and their visuals drew great attention. The fact that green roof projects are not only applied in the West and metropolitans was revealed by presenting the examples across Turkey.

Visitors found opportunity to personally see green roof products and insulation materials and get more information thanks to BTM Optigreen stand in the foyer area.

Non-governmental organisations representatives, members of chamber of architects-engineers, faculty members, students, and municipality technical staff showed great interest in the seminar. After the seminar, the first announcement of planning permission of “ecological city” to be realised out of Gaziantep central was made to the participants.

Realised by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, “Ecological Building” where the seminar held, has LEED Platinum and Passive House Certificates. Besides, training related to energy efficiency, sustainable structures, and environmentally conscious constructs are carried out in this building.