BTM Being Focused on Success Came Back From Ankara vith a Prize - 21.06.2013

BTM, strong organization of its sector, took its prize from Mr. Zafer Cağlayan, the Minister of Economics, in Successful Exporters Prize Ceremony held in Ankara. Mr. Levent Urkmez, President of the Board of Directors of BTM, proved to have high targets with the prizes awarded successively, stated that the company is on the right direction and added: "We succeeded by diversifying our export market in the crisis environment."

In the ceremony held by the Union of Exporters of Air-conditioning Sector, which started its activities in 2011 affiliated to the Unions of Exporters of Middle Anatolia (ISIB), 52 prizes in 13 categories were awarded to ISIB member companies for being successful in their sectors. "Successful Exporters Prize Ceremony" and Air-Conditioning Exhibition, which was organized by ISIB to crown the successes of member companies showing great effort for exportation in 2012 that has been hard for all the sectors, was held in Ankara Ata Congresium with the participation of Minister of Economics Mr. Zafer Caglayan, significant institutions and organizations. Mr. Mustafa Oztoprak, Ankara Regional Manager, took the prize of BTM, being awarded in insulation materials category, from the Minister of Economics Mr. Zafer Caglayan and President of Board of Directors of ISIB Mr. S. Zeki Poyraz. Following the opening of Air-Conditioning Exhibition, Mr. Caglayan stated in the prize ceremony that 4 million people paid the bill of economic crises in the last four years in Europe by becoming unemployed and added: "Turkey challenged the crises by being the second country increasing its exportation most rapidly last year; turned the crisis into an opportunity; increased its employments; and become a country of distinction today. Turkey gained incredible successes in the last decade. We do not find it enough the point we have come. We stay focused on our 2023 target. Now everybody believes that Turkey would reach its export target of 500 million USD in 2023." Mr. Levent Urkmez, President of the Board of Directors of BTM, the leading company of its sector owing to the large steps taken in the insulation sector, stated as follows: "We, the BTM family, feel a proper pride in being awarded with this prize in the insulation sector category. We focused on success by diversifying the export market in the crisis environment. Being awarded for all the works we have done is the indicator that we are on the right direction. We, as BTM, always aimed at raising firstly our company and then our sector. We are determined to continue investing in human, innovation and R&D activities and being the leading of model companies of the sector.