Our OHS Policy

We aim to carry out all stages of our production activities in a healthy and safe working environment. In line with this goal and as a requirement of our responsibility for creating healthy individuals and workforce, we declare and undertake; 

•to determine, implement and enforce necessary measures to prevent and minimize occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and to mimimize casualties in  emergencies,  that may occur during our activities,

•to perform risk assessment and achieve acceptable levels of risk in our factory and operations, with the use of new technologies and effective use of resources and  participation of our employees,

•to use safe equipment and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe working environment and to protect the health of our employees,

•to evaluate the effects of new investments and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety at the project stage,

•to ensure the participation of all levels of the organization and our stakeholders in the efforts to improve occupational health and safety practices,

•to create a culture of occupational health and safety and make it a lifestyle,

• to meet legal obligations, relevant standards and conditions on occupational health and safety,

•to continuously improve our processes and increase our performance with a proactive approach to occupational health and safety,

•to continue and improve training and activities for our employees,  our suppliers'/subcontractors' employees, and for visitors and trainees  in order to  ensure that the  principles of TS ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System that we apply are internalised.